Epic Fundraising Event For ALS
Join us for an Epic Fundraising Ryde with Christina M on Saturday March 4th tst-logo-200x180.png11:30-12:30 p.m.

It’s getting to be that time of year again when Epic Instructor Christina M joins together with a bunch of crazy bikers and rides 270 miles from Boston to NY for the Trek to end ALS.
In June, she will be participating in her 7th. This ride not only advances research to find a cure but brings together those who have been affected by this disease for a weekend full of bike-riding.
The money supports research efforts at ALS TDI, located in Cambri
dge, MA. ALS TDI and is the #1 and largest nonprofit biotechnology organization dedicated to finding effective treatments for those living with ALS.
Christina M is riding in memory of her dad, Fran Muccio, who was diagnosed with ALS in 1999 followed by a 10 year fight.
ALS (more commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) is a fatal neurological disorder characterized by progressive deterioration of the motor cells in the spinal cord and brain.
There is no known cure at this time, however there has been small steps towards finding a cure since I first began participating in this annual event, the Tri State Trek.
This year is the year we come together tighter than ever to fight. We come together to ride and promote. But most importantly we come to raise as much money as we can to fund our friends at TDI to help our pALS and future pALS.

Enough is enough.
Join Christina, #TeamMooch, and the entire Tri State Trek family this year in the fight of our lives for the lives of those with ALS.

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To participate in the Epic Fundraising Ryde
Please sign up below.

The Ryde is Free but online donations at the link above are encouraged. Bummed you can’t make the Ryde? Donations are still welcomed to support Team Mooch.

March Madness at Epic Ryde

March Madness Challenge
At Epic Ryde

Are you up for an epic challenge?

Do you like working as a team?static1.squarespace.jpg

Would you like to win a private class with the instructor of your choice, custom made for you and your friends?

If so, our March Madness Contest
is for you!

How it works!

*This contest is free but you must sign up online under events to participate.

*You will be randomly drafted to one of several teams.
he size and number of teams will depend on how many people sign up for this event. We are considering 3 to 5 people per team.

*Teammates will work together to motivate and encourage one another to attend as many classes as they can during the month of March. Each class attended by each team member will count as one point.

*The team that attends the most classes, scoring the most points in March wins.

*There is no limit to the amount of classes each team member can attend. The goal is to work as a team, racking up as many points as possible to score big and win! This means you can attend classes multiple times in a day and your team will receive credit for each one.

*The team with the highest score will win a private workout class of their choice with the instructor of their choosing.

*The winning team will be able to invite their friends to join them for this special Epic workout.

*The winners will also be able to pick the music playlist they want to rock out to during this private session.
*Date, time and instructor will be determined after the winning team is announced.

How do I sign up

*You must be an Epic Ryde member.

*Sign up here, this challenge is free.

*Teams will be assigned via a random drawing near the end of February.

*We will have a March Madness Team meeting to introduce you to your teammates on Friday February 24th at 6:15 pm, after the Friday night Ryde.

If you can’t make the meeting, no problem. We will make sure team members have each other’s contact information so you can strategize an attendance game plan and keep each other motivated and accountable through email or phone.

That’s it!

Sign up is now open! Let the madness begin!


New Years Special At Epic Ryde


We want to make sure you start 2017 in the most epic way possible. We want to motivate you to make this the best year yet. In addition to offering the most epic group fitness classes in Denver, we are giving you 1 FREE Month at Epic Ryde. That’s right! All you have to do is sign up for a monthly membership before January 1st and you will get your 2nd month FREE.

We also have our Epic Ryde Meltdown Challenge starting soon!

The Meltdown begins Monday, January 2nd and ends February 28th.

We are offering 2 ways to win BIG!

There are two ways to participate:
The Epic Weight Loss Challenge and
The Epic Attendance Challenge!

The Epic Weight Loss Challenge: It will cost a few bucks but you will get a full body composition scan and a chance at winning 1 free year at Epic Ryde.

*Pay a total of $80 for 2 full Inbody scans…

*Sign up online, under events before January 2nd…

*Attend a required 25 classes…

*Lose the highest percent of body fat and win!
1st Place = 1 FREE year at Epic Ryde (value $999)
2nd Place =$260 Gift Card to Epic Ryde
3rd Place = Brand New TRX suspension Trainer

If your New Years goal is to lose weight or to create better habits and get on a consistent schedule with your workouts, the Meltdown challenge is for you!

A one year membership is up for grabs to the person who loses the most body fat! The weight loss challenge is $80. This includes two InBody scans that measure you full body composition. You will test before and after the meltdown.

For more information on this special scan go to…

You will need to come in on the following dates to get your first scan. It will take about 10 minutes.

We will have the machine at Epic the last week of December. More details, dates and times will be available as the event gets closer.

You will need to have your scan done by January 2nd, 2017.

The Attendance Challenge: It’s FREE to participate with a chance of winning a free 3 month membership of unlimited classes at Epic. You must sign up online for the challenge for your classes to be counted.

*Attend 25 classes: Earn one entry into the attendance drawing

*Attend more than 35 classes: Earn 2 entries into the drawing

*Cross your fingers and hope your name is pulled in our random drawing that will take place on March 1st.

*Sign up online, under events before January 2nd, 2017.

All participants who have signed up and taken a total of 25 classes will be eligible to win a 3 Month Free unlimited Membership to Epic Ryde.

*You must be registered by January 2nd, 2017 to be eligible to win. Registration is free for the class attendance portion. You must have paid and completed your first Inbody scan if you are doing the weight loss portion by the January 2nd, 2017.

* We will follow up at the end of the Meltdown with your 2nd InBody scan to get your epic results.

* You must take a total of 25 classes during the Meltdown to qualify. You only get to count one class per day.

If you have a week of epic fails, a vacation or illness, don’t worry! The class total is based on the entire two months so you’ll have time to catch up!

Get your name on the list asap and join in the fun! If you are not a current Member, we recommend signing up for our Monthly Membership while you participate in the Epic Meltdown.

Your Membership can be canceled at the end of the Meltdown with no long-term contract. It gives you access to unlimited classes at Epic Ryde for as low as a few dollars per class.

Payment for OneBody Scan will be charged to your account. Just indicate in the notes section if you want to participate in the weight loss version of the Meltdown or if you are just doing the attendance challenge!

**If you have any questions, please contact Lori@epicryde.com

Make sure to go to http://www.epicryde.com and sign up under events.



The holidays are almost here!

The holidays are among us and that means lot’s of dinners, events and social gatherings. It also means eating a little more food than normal and drinking extra beverages that all add up to more caloric intake and if not careful, a bigger waistline.

healthyholidays.pngYour goals during the holidays should not be to avoid all the yummy food, or fun social gatherings but rather practice a little bit of self control and balance with your eating and exercise. Way to many people tend to take November and December off from fitness in a assured self talk that they will get their health and fitness back on track come January, but this only leads to additional wait gain, lack of goals and a larger mountain to climb up come January.

A better solution is to be present with your decisions and to keep up with your workouts and making smart choices. For example if you want that holiday cookie go for it! Just don’t go for 4 or 5 of them.

If you know you have s busy week of festivities follow up the next week with extra diligence on your eating and workouts.

Life is about living, enjoying and maintaining balance.

Make sure if you are in the Denver area to join us for our upcoming Turkey Day Workouts!

Thanksgiving Day!
Thursday, November 24th

  •  8-8:45 a.m. Turkey Day Epic Burn
  • 8:15- 9:15 a.m. Turkey Day Ryde
  • 9:30 a.m. -10:30 a.m. Turkey Day Ryde

Black Friday!
Friday, November 25th 

  • 9 a.m.- 10 a.m. Epic Ryde 
  • 10:15 – 11 a.m. Express Ryde 


“Guilty Pleasures” Karaoke class at Epic Ryde

Do you like to Ryde? Do you like to Sing? Why not do them together?

Our “GUILTY PLEASURES cycling  is a 60 minute karaoke fueled endurance ride structured around the science of your own heart beat. When you work out in that optimal aerobic zone, you could carry on a conversation, and if you can talk, you can SING!

The goal of the class is to maintain the edges of the aerobic zone where the foundation of your cardiovascular system strengthens and expands while having some fun and signing along as we go.

The class uncovers the beauty and simplicity in the present moment, resonating sound and vibration through ones cells by  singing along. Metabolizing that sense of “feeling good” so you can take it with you off the bike out into the world.

This unique and super awesome class is taught by Peggy Dyer. Please check out her bio below.


Peggy has been making people sweat, smile and sing since 2004. Her “Guilty Pleasures Cycle” classes cultivate health by connecting the body, mind and soul. Come prepared to belt out your favorite jams — the louder the better. Welcome to the judgement-free zone.

A certified indoor cycling coach and yoga teacher, Peggy’s goal is to inspire her students to let go of their expectations — of what a fitness class is, of what healthy “looks like,” of what your best effort “should” be on any given day. Peggy knows that fitness is often measured in numbers: how fast am I riding? How much do I weigh? But these values are obstacles on the path to true health. The best feedback is the message we get from our bodies when we feel good — and it’s hard not to feel good when you’re covered in a sheen of sweat, crooning Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” at the top of your lungs with a group of cycling kindred spirits.

Life’s dark moments can leave us feeling voiceless, but here is a place where students can find their voice and speak through their fear. So drop by just as you are. Hold your head high, open your heart and let your light shine.

Epic Ryde Instructor Makes History


A HUGE Epic congratulations to Danny Wieland. It’s not everyday you break a world record but Danny recently made a new world record for base jumps. He completed 61 base jumps in 24 hours. He conquered BASE Jumper Breaks World Record With 61 Jumps Off Perrine Bridge (In 24-Hours)
He began BASE jumping off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls at 9:30 a.m. on a Friday and by 9:30 a.m. Saturday, he had leaped from the Perrine Bridge for his 61st time, breaking the world record.

Danny also had to climb back up the bridge each time. It was estimated that the distance from the landing zone to the bridge was about 486 feet. Danny climbed nearly 30,000 feet over the 24-hour period, higher than the equivalent of Mount Everest.

WOW!!! We are so proud and impressed with Dannys accomplishments that we wanted to share them all with you. If you get the chance, take his Friday 7-8 a.m. Epic Mix class, but don’t worry he will not make you base jump but you will get an extreme epic workout.

Thanks for being such an inspiration to the world and to our Epic members.