What makes Epic Ryde stand out?

Epic Ryde is all about Functional Fitness for life. We offer REAL workouts for REAL Life..

Our focus is results, real workouts and creating a sense of community.

If you are an athlete wanting to get faster on the bike or a person wanting to lose weight, or if you are just an everyday gym goer just trying to keep balance with your health and wellness, Epic is going to get you the long term results you are looking for.  Our classes are created for all fitness levels and allow progression no matter where you are starting out.

The workouts you take part inside Epic mimic your day to day activities outdoors and focus on core, stability and balance. Our workouts are all about functional movements that make you better at your day to day activities.

Beyond the fitness benefits of Epic, we offer a sense of community. We offer an epic environment the fosters motivation, supports and friendship. We have created a community that people want to be a part of inside  and out and that carries over to friendship beyond just the workouts.


Epic stands up because we have a passionate, energetic team of certified fitness professionals that truly care about our members.

To many studios these days are all about the latest trendy workout and providing short term results, where Epic Ryde  stand out about the rest is that we are all about functional fitness for a persons long term health and wellness.

So one questions remains….Are you ready to get real with your workouts?




Epic Ryde Bicycle Giveaway

Attend the most classes at Epic Ryde during July 11th and August 31t and Win a FREE City bike or Sinnglepeed/fixed gear bike from The Urban Cyclist.

All you have to do is attend the most classes starting July 11th -August 31st. You will only be given credit for up to 1 class per day.
Since we are only giving away 1 bike, in case of a tie there will be a POWER RYDE OFF.

Tied participants will face off in a Power to Weight Ryde off. (power test) Participants will push their limits through our watt test and the overall winner will be based on their power to weight ratio after the test. This way it makes it fair to all women & men that might be facing off in the Ryde OFF.

In order to participate in this FREE epic attendance challenge. You will need to sign up.

In order to participate you will need to be an epic ryde member or ryde card holder.THE_UC_EPICRYDE_PROMO_POSTER_002.jpg

Bike To Work Day!

biketowork_1466463425157_3224506_ver1.0.jpgBike to work day is an epic day! Some of us our lucky enough to work close enough to bike to work everyday and others of us only have a few occasions where we are able to make the longer commute in on our bikes. No matter what your situation is Bike to Work Day is the best excuse ever to ride into the office.

It’s a day to commute with others, share in the love of cycling and stop along the way at epic breakfast stations to fuel your ride.

We love Bike to Work day in Denver. Epic Ryde will be at our normal breakfast station spot at REI Denver. Make sure to stop by and say hi!

We hope no matter if you live near or far from your work that you make the extra effort to participate in this day.

Life is all about the Epic Ryde. So get out there and enjoy!

New Bikes have arrived!

Our new Matrix IC7 bikes have arrived and they are awesome!

The Matrix Ic7 Indoor Cycle delivers exciting and effective cardio training for its users. This bike features a WattRate® (power) meter that accurately measures power with a margin of error of just +/-1%. The Coach by Color® console displays both WattRate® and heart rate with five colored zones to help users hit training targets.

Did we mention they are super smooth and a whole lot of fun to ryde!


Epic Ryde is getting Brand New Matrix IC7 bikes!

It’s time! We are excited to announce we will be getting new Matrix IC7 indoor bikes in our studio!

Exciting updates are coming to Epic Ryde!

It has been almost four and a half years since Epic Ryde was born. When Epic Ryde was created we researched the best bikes on the market and chose the RealRyder bikes because they were the best indoor bikes at the time. It has been my promise to the Epic Ryde community and to our instructors that we will continue to supply everyone with the best RYDE possible.

As many of you know, our bikes have been having some maintenance issues and it has been very challenging for us to keep up with all the issues. Due to the current age of the bikes, continued advancements in the industry and keeping to my word of having the best bikes, we have decided it’s time to get Epic 21 more New RYDES!

That’s right Epic Ryde is getting new bikes! Within the next month we will be receiving our new bikes.

We have spent a lot of time deciding on the best bikes possible to purchase for Epic Ryde and after taking a lot of time, test rydes and thinking about what is truly the best upgrade for Epic, we choose the Matrix IC7 bikes.

These truly are the best of the best indoor bikes on the market.

Check out the video below for more information!

Epic Ryde Offers TRX/Yoga Classes

If you love TRX and Yoga, then you will love our new combo class. A combination of TRX exercises followed by yoga, this class offers the best of both worlds. We have added this epic class to the schedule on Tuesday morning from 8:15-9 a.m. We have also added a handful of pop-up classes on Sundays. If you are looking to expand on your TRX skills and yoga practice then we suggest you give this class a try.

Key Benefits of TRX….

*It’s great for all levels.
*It helps you reach a variety of goal.
*It’s functional.
*It’s all core all the time.

Benefits of Yoga…
*Stress Relief
*Pain Relief
*Better Breathing